Rainbow Care Farm and Rainbow RDA

        "Inspire, Interact, Include"

This is our RDA story

It all started about 4 years ago when I opened Rainbow Care Farm, I thought that a Riding for the Disabled Group would really compliment the Care Farm, and offer that next level of achievement and enjoyment. I set about a meeting with Sue Ingleby- RDA Regional Chair Lady, and after speaking with her I decided that setting up 2 new projects would be a bit ambitious.

However, once Rainbow Care Farm was established, and with the encouragement of the Care Farm customers, I thought I should look into it again.

With the help of Sue Ingleby and eleven lovely friends who decided they would like to be part of it, we started the ball rolling and Rainbow RDA was born. I don’t think any of us realised how much work and input there is involved, and eleven became five (luckily along the way we have met some more lovely enthusiastic people who wanted to join our committee).

We’ve climbed a mountain of paperwork, found some fantastic volunteers (and are always looking for more!), and had an amazing amount of support in our local community with fundraising etc.

Sue Downer- RDA Regional Instructor gave much need support and training to our group, and in July all our 4 horses/ponies passed the assessment and we became officially a RDA Group. The training continued and shortly after Rexy and Robyn qualified as Assistant Coaches giving us the freedom to teach unsupervised and on days that suit potential clients.

At the moment we are closed for the Christmas period, but are looking to re-open in March weather dependent). Currently we are taking riders with learning/emotional difficulties, but are hoping that by the spring we will have fund raised enough money for a mounting ramp for riders with physical disabilities too.

We are all looking forward to a future full of smiling faces.